Frequently asked questions


The discount prescription card program for your family


How much money will the card save me?

The Coas2Coast card can save you up to 75% on prescriptions as well as up to 60% on dental care in many locations.  You can also save up to 50% on eye care needs including glasses and contact lenses at participating vision care providers.  Save on hearing needs including a free initial hearing exam and discounts of 35% off the price of hearing aids with participating providers  Cardholders can save up to 70% on their diabetes supplies by ordering online. You just might be able to save on veterinary services for your pets.  To find out more information about these services or to locate a provider in your area, call toll free 1-800-931-8872.


Is the Coast2Coast card insurance?

The card is not insurance nor is it designed to replace insurance.  The program has been designed to help those uninsured and under-insured save on health related costs.  A cardholder that is covered by health insurance will probably receive the greatest benefit by using his or her health insurance prescription card.  Only one card can be used when filling a prescription so the Coast2Coast card cannot be used along with insurance - but it does pay to compare cards.


Are some drugs covered under the Coast2Coast Rx Card that other prescription plans do not cover?

Yes, occasionally.  There are more than 60,000 drugs covered by this discount prescription card.  In the event that a health insurance prescription plan does not provide coverage for a particular drug, it is likely that the Coast2Coast card will provide a discount for that drug - so always check before your pay.


Will one card cover my entire family?

One card can be used to provide benefits for the entire family but if you prefer each member of your family can have their own card since the cards are free and there is no cost for you to use a card.


How do I use the card?

There is no pre-registration required.  Simply take the card to a participating pharmacy and the pharmacist will register you at that time.  Each card will provide a space to enter a 10-digit identification number. This can be any number you choose to use.  It is used by the pharmacy as your identification number just as an insurance card will use your group identification number.  Most people will use a phone number since it is easy to remember. This number will not be shared, sold or used in any way other than as the customer ID number. Both the Coast2Coast card company and its Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) are HIPPA Compliant.

How does the Coast2Coast card support my community?

Coast2Coast provides a benefit that gives back in many ways. From its inception, Coast2Coast was developed on a business model and philosophy of giving back part of their proceeds to support local community needs and provide additional funding solutions to help address gaps in services.  This partnership model provides a $1.25 donation to the participating United Ways that have joined our partnership for investment in their community work each time the card is used to fill a prescription in their community. Coast2Coast is proud to offer this partnership that not only provides access to affordable medicine with the goal of improving both consumers' health outcomes and their personal finances but also creates revenue to support vital community programs and services.

Who is the company providing the card?

Financial Marketing Concepts, Inc., of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL is the parent company of the Coast2Coast Rx card and has been in the benefit programs market for more than twenty-five years.

​What does the Coast2Coast Card do?

The Coast2Coast card can help save you money on prescriptions, vision, dental and other health related services.  There is no application or paperwork to complete and no health questions will be asked.

What pharmacies accept the card?

The Coast2Coast card is free and is easy to use.  Just resent the card at your pharmacy or other health provider to see if you can reduce your costs.  Visit the Pharmacy Locator section to view a list of participating pharmacies in your area.

Coast2Coast Rx Card
 A Partnership with Participating United Way Organizations