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We encourage you to price your prescriptions(s) at one or more of the participating pharmacies in your area as each pharmacy's pricing might be different for your particular prescription(s).


If you call or visit one or more pharmacies in your area to check on pricing, just provide your GROUP# and BIN# that is on your card.

See a sample card on the right.


CLICK HERE  to view a quick list of some of the discounts

available through the Coast2Coast partnership.


CLICK HERE  to print your FREE prescription discount card and start saving today.  The card can be used by the whole family and even discounts certain pet prescriptions.  Don't forget to check out the other health-related benefits provided by the card.


CLICK HERE  for RE-ORDERS of Coast2Coast cards, posters and card holders.

CONTACT  if you have not ordered Coast2Coast materials and would like to place an order, call Vicki Elmore at 1-919-637-4152 or email at


       everyone saves

United Way of North Carolina vetted the Coast2Coast Rx card by conducting comparison testing between Coast2Coast and other discount programs to ensure that individuals in need would truly benefit.  


Through this process, it was determined that those using Coast2Coast would receive even better health related benefits as compared to most other discount Rx Cards, plus community services would receive a much needed infusion of revenue.


The multiple benefits of the Coast2Coast Rx card help us address the issues of improving health and financial stability and make it a real win, win for everyone.

​With no restrictions on age, income status, or existing health conditions, the benefits of the card extend to everyone:  those without insurance, the under-insured, and those with high deductibles or prescriptions not covered by their health plan.  in some cases even Medicare Part D patients experiencing the "donut Hole" can use the card to help relieve their out-of-pocket expenses.

Coast2Coast Rx Card
 A Partnership with Participating United Way Organizations